The Late 1800’s and the Old South

Most people who know me know that I would have loved to be alive in the ’50s. That is simply the coolest decade to me. I’m 100 percent certain I’ve made a blog post dedicated to my love of the Fifties before. In fact, I’m gonna go find it now… la de da… Here it is!

However, most people may not know that I also wish with my whole heart that I had been alive in the 1800’s. More specifically during the Civil War era. Slavery/war aside, I just love the whole feel of that time frame. My fascination with it began in elementary school when I picked a book from the library to read (that I still cannot remember the name of to this day), and in the book a boy from modern times was “haunted” by and could see/talk to a boy from the Civil War. He was a nice ghost though; don’t worry. And I just remember loving that book!

I also love love love old Victorian-era houses with my entire heart. (One of the reasons why I loved the old house I lived in during college in Lynchburg, VA so much.) My grandpa owned a lot of property in West Virginia and growing up we would go visit there during different times of the year. Their house there and everything in it was so antique. The stairs had the perfect amount of creakiness, you could hear the hum of wind through the walls & windows. On the walls hung black and white and sepia photos of family members and old friends. As kids, we would play outside and be entertained by the woods and creek and our imaginations all day long. I remember during one visit, going on a long walk/hike with Grandma Jane up one of the mountains. We passed an old, tiny one-room church and a small cemetery, and she told us about their history and even past great-great-great (etc) family members who had gone there and were probably even buried there.

I can’t remember if it was her or Pappy who actually told us the story about the house as well. If you were looking at the front of the house, there was a side road that ran along side the right of it sloping down a hill which thus created a drop-off/cliff that got higher the further back it traveled from the main road across the property from the front of the house. Apparently, a young couple (I can’t remember if they were going to live in the house, or if it was the parents’ house of the bride or groom at the time) were wed on the house’s property in front of family and friends. After the ceremony, the bride waited in a horse-drawn carriage in front of the house. However, before the groom could even join her, the horses were spooked by something and ran off the cliff bordering the descending road to the right of the house and the bride was killed. My grandparents may have even added that the house was “supposedly” thought haunted by the bride in the horse-drawn carriage but I’m pretty sure that was merely just for effect on their part to make the story even more interesting to our young little minds. Either way, I found it intriguing. I love how much history accompanies these old houses. How much is trapped in their walls.

Needless to say, I would love nothing more than to have been alive back then and lived on a plantation in the Old South. Worn dresses with corset tied tops and crinolines underneath bordered with lace and ruffles. A choker necklace. Carried a parasol. And been courted by a true southern gentleman. Sit and chat in the parlor, attend a ball or two. Manners and grace were the basis of society’s customs and interactions. A southern belle, those of high society, were the epitome of Southern hospitality. “The cultivation of beauty and a flirtatious yet chaste demeanor.” However, I’m pretty sure I would have had a hard time abiding by ALL the rules of being a proper “lady” in those times though, so perhaps it is for the best I was not growing up then, haha.

Either way, I am forever intrigued and in love with that time frame.

Is it weird that I want to wear things like this with my whole heart? …probably. :]

(I’m pretty sure the use of this time frame in The Vampire Diaries is also one of the overwhelming reasons for why I love that show as well and why the flashback episodes are always my favorite. Haha)

I was reminded/overwhelmed with my love for all these things today when driving to Harker’s Island because we took some strange roads and passed so many of these old style homes, and I wanted to pack up and move into one immediately! I want to hear stories about them and their small towns they abide in. I want to be haunted by ghosts of the Civil War. :] One day, I will without a doubt live in another old Victorian-era home, and I will love it immensely. That’s all!

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